Among all deaths from unintentional injuries globally each year, nearly one quarter are the result of road traffic crashes. Other main causes of death from unintentional injuries are fires, falls, drowning and poisoning.


Causes of unintentional injury deaths, World, 2004

Globally, among all causes of unintentional injury deaths, 24% were due to road traffic injuries, 14% were due to fires, 12% were due to falls, 9% were due to drowning, 9% were due to poisoning, 33% were due to other causes.
Figures do not add up to their corresponding totals owing to rounding

* 'Others' includes smothering, asphyxiation, choking, animal and venomous bites, hypothermia and hyperthermia, as well as natural disasters.

Source: World Health Organization (WHO). Injuries and violence: the facts. Geneva, Switzerland: WHO; 2010