Lazy Lion

Lazy LionMy name is Lazy Lion.
Human beings’ pace of living is too fast.
Working and going to school are already exhausting.
Who would work out after work or after school?
I know working out is good for my health but it’s too troublesome.
It’s awful to sweat and feel exhausted.
I love staying at home and enjoying downshifting.
Being lazy is the most beautiful thing in life.


Lazy Lion’s Profile

Lazy Lion, male, was born in October 2018 and his zodiac sign is “Libra”. Similar to many Hong Kong people, he will find thousands of excuses not to do physical exercise and thus, he is a bit chubby. He loves sleeping. He also enjoys downshifting because he believes that working and going to school are exhausting. So he needs to get some rest, and eventually this habit turns into laziness. He actually likes moving around and working out and understands the benefits and advantages of regular exercises, but he just hates the feeling of exhaustion and hence does not have the motivation to exercise or stay physically active . He always acts irresolutely and hesitantly when it comes to exercise and pops up a lot of excuses. He is smart and he finds a lot of witty ways to stay lazy and believes that this is the most comfortable way of life. He also likes spending time with friends but the prerequisite is not related to physical working out.

In fact, Lazy Lion is a portrayal of everyone in the society who does not want to do physical activity. Lazy Lion can resonate with many citizens. If you want to encourage Lazy Lion to abandon the excuse and become a mascot for physical activity, be sure to give him a "like" to Lazy Lion's Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to know more about Lazy Lion, please visit the facebook Fanpage of “Lazy Lion” or Instagram of “lazylionhk” to follow the latest status.

Lazy Lion                       Lazy Lion


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