7 Ways to Say No to Alcohol

PhotoAfter knowing the physical and mental harms that alcohol can cause, you need to learn how to keep away from alcohol, for example: Avoid friend’s temptation to try smoking or drinking; avoid taking part in activities that provide alcohol; on the occasions of celebration or gathering, choose non-alcoholic drinks, such as water and sugar-free beverages, etc. If you are asked to drink, the following 7 ways to say NO to alcohol would be useful. You can choose appropriate ways under different circumstances.



Ignore the request

  • Turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the invitation.



Simply say no

  • "No, thanks."



Give an excuse

  • "No, I'm allergic to alcohol."
  • "No, drinking harms our health."
  • "No, I've something to do tomorrow."
  • "No, I'm not feeling well today."
  • "No, I don't like the taste of alcohol."
  • "No, drinking makes people fat."



Find an ally to back you up

  • "No, we both don’t drink."



Suggest something else

  • "Alcohol is expensive and unhealthy. Let’s have something else!"



Repeat your refusal

  • "I said I don’t drink."



Walk away from the situation

  • Say: 'Sorry, some urgent business has flashed through my mind" or "Sorry, my family is calling me" and walk away quickly.

Alcohol cannot help solve problems. Instead, it has a lot of bad effects. Try to talk with parents, friends or other trustworthy people and find solutions together when you have problems.