Creating your habit-breaking plan

People who successfully change their habits usually follow a simple plan. You can use the following table to help you work out a plan to reduce drinking which is acceptable and realistic to you.

I will cut down:
My drinking frequency
Maximum number of days a week/month I will drink:
drinking days per week/month
My drinking quantity
Maximum number of drinks or alcohol units I will have on a single day:
drinks or alcohol units* per day

I will stop drinking completely

Select the applicable options.
Start date
Advantages for me to change my drinking habit
Dealing with my reasons in the past to drink
High-risk situations
Best coping strategies
Important people who can support me

(Include those who truly care about your well being and health in your plan. Remember to share your plan with each of these people. They can help you succeed so they should be part of it.)

Rewards for success

*Note: An ‘alcohol unit’, which is a common measure of alcohol content, is equal to 10 grams of alcohol. Click here to know more.

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