Alcohol and Health FAQ
Is drinking good for my health?
1. Rumor has it that red wine is good for the heart, is it true?
2. Is having red face after drinking a sign of good health?
3. Will alcohol make me feel warmer?
4. Will drinking alcohol quench thirst and clear the heat?
5. Does alcohol help sleep problem?
6. Can alcohol help with weight loss?
7. Can alcohol help with my stress?
8. Can alcohol improve my performance in sport?
Is there a ‘safer’ way to drink? Is it really ‘safe’?
9. What are the ‘safer’ alcohol limits?
10. Is beer or red/white wine safer to drink than liquor?
11. Does alcohol affect women more?
12. Can I drink and drive safely?
13. Can I drink a large amount of tea or water to lower the level of alcohol in blood or breath?
14. How do different dosages of alcohol increase the risk of premature death due to cancer?
15. Is it safer to drink ‘alcopops’?
16. What is ‘informed choice of drinking’?
17. Is it okay for children or young people to try a sip once in a while?
Is hangover preventable?
18. Will having a big meal before drinking keep me sober?
19. Will a cold shower or drinking black coffee help me sober up more quickly?
20. Can large amounts of tea or water lessen the effects of alcohol?
How to manage problem drinking?
21. What is the difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism?
22. How can I tell if a friend has a drinking problem?
23. What can I do to help someone who has a drinking problem?